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Any Outlander fans out there? I’m sure there are tonnes of you! I never did get around to watching it until a few days ago when I watched the first episode and then had to go to bed because it was late. I knew a few things about the series (but not enough), so after watching the first episode, I thought, I like the serious and sweet husband, Frank. Is she seriously going to go back in time and cheat on him with a cutie patootie Scotsman??


Yes, these are the things that over-thinkers worry about. And I was quite worried about it! Because cheaters always think they are deep and complicated people, and they revel in their conflicted feelings. But they aren’t deep. They’re just cheaters. (I have strong feelings about that, you might have noticed.) And I didn’t want Claire to be a cheater! Because if I got invested in a show and found out I couldn’t respect the main character, then I’d be really annoyed.

But everyone was raving about the show, so I decided to look up a few spoilers to put my mind at ease that it wasn’t just a glorified affair. But then I got sucked down the rabbit hole of spoilers because it’s a seriously interesting plot, even when you’re reading spoilers about it, and now I know how the whole series goes, and I’ve ruined it for myself.


I need to find a new Netflix show to binge on, and someone needs to remind me not to look up any spoilers.

But I have to know–are there any fans of the show who like Frank better than Jaimie? I haven’t come across any yet, and while I haven’t watched much of the show, I DO like Frank better! He’s more appealing to me, even if he has horrible ancestors.

Opinions, anyone??