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20180506_104327Every Spring, I spend about $15 and take about 20 minutes to put my flowers into the planters on the balcony… and it gives me hours of relaxation all summer long as I watch my flowers grow!

So this weekend, since the weather is gorgeous and the forecast is calling for nice weather from now on, I put my flowers in before the May long weekend. Very daring of me. Especially this far north. 😉

So here are a few pictures of my planting.



I plant Petunias every years because they seem to be the only plants that can survive me. Our town puts them in big planters at every street corner, and they thrive in pretty much anything Northern Alberta can heave at them from spring through fall.

I’ll post more pictures once they take root and start to really flourish. They get so pretty!



Here I am squinting into the sunlight for my selfie. I’m awfully proud of my little planters every year, so I just had to squeeze in there with them!