We have a local historical park that we just love, and this year we got a season’s pass. So guess what we’ll be up to most weekends! 🙂

I thought I’d share a few pictures from our recent trip there.

It’s so much fun! We haven’t had a pass for a few years now, so we plan to make the most of this one over the summer.

I’m a real stickler about not putting pictures of my family up, but this next one has my son in it–he’s the kid in the red shorts. ( ❤ )  And he’s getting so big! I can’t share the family shots, but he’s past my shoulder now, and just keeps getting taller! (Amazing what happens when you feed them, right?)









I love the feeling of stepping back in time, strolling with my husband down the streets, and just basking in the prairie heat.

So when I’m NOT writing this summer, this is probably where I’ll be found. 😉