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I’m a bird person. I’ve had pet birds since I was a girl, and I get so very attached to them. They have their own personalities, and they’ll bond to people quite easily, if you know how to talk to them.

Well, recently, our little yellow budgie, Coco, had to be put down by the vet. It was a really hard choice to make, but she was getting sicker and sicker, and I think she’d just gotten to the end of her life span. I didn’t want the poor thing to suffer. So I made an appointment with the vet and brought her in.

The vet told me it was the right choice, so I made the painful decision to say goodbye.


That was a few weeks ago, and I recently got a sympathy card in the mail from the vet’s office, and while I know that they do this for everyone who loses a pet there, I thought it was a really sweet gesture. All the staff signed it, and they even called Coco by name. It was thoughtful of them.


Our Quaker parrot has been grieving the loss of his little friend, too. He asks for Coco on a regular basis, and I’m not sure how you’re supposed to explain death to a bird. I was hoping he’d forget her after a while, but he hasn’t yet. From time to time he’ll go over to where her cage used to be and ask me repeatedly, “Coco? Coco?”

We all miss her, even Pichu the Quaker. She was such a sweet little bird, and she’s left a hole. Isn’t it amazing how much we can love one little yellow budgie?