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Library books are a delicious treat to me. I don’t tend to read while I’m currently writing a novel, because I don’t want the story I’m reading to bleed into the story I’m writing. That does happen to me sometimes. I have a weird laser focus when I write which allows me to finish up a rough draft in about 4-5 weeks. However, that laser focus means that there isn’t a strong enough partition between fiction creating and fiction reading in my brain for me to be able to do it all seamlessly. So, I take some precautions.

When I’m finished writing a manuscript, I reward myself with some reading.

This time, I finished up the rough draft to my upcoming Heartwarming story tentatively called DIAPER DUTY MATCHMAKER. Then my editor send me the first round of edits for HIS LITTLE GIRL’S HERO, which I worked on and sent back, which left me with a beautiful weekend with not much to do but read.

And I made the most of it!



Hope you got to read this weekend, too!