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I’m sorry to be posting late. I’ve been writing like a fiend, and I’m starting to get tired.


So I thought I’d give you an idea of my summer writing schedule–if that kind of thing interests you.

For July, these were my goals:

  1. Finish writing a Heartwarming novel that is due September 1.
  2. Write an Amish novella that is contracted with my new publisher, Kensington.


For August, I still need to:

  1. Edit that Heartwarming novel that is due September 1.
  2. Put together a new proposal for my agent.
  3. Edit the Amish novella
  4. Do a book signing! That’s for like, one afternoon, but I figure it still deserves to be on the list.


This is what my writing schedule looks like this summer, so not a lot of rest for me. I’ve been writing hard!