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I do like to read books that have beautiful, thin, interesting heroines who can eat whatever they want and still stay lithe and lean… It’s fun to escape into a new person’s life. But when I put the book down and look in the mirror, I feel the difference. I don’t look like that. And there is a beat where I look at myself, and I lose the confidence that I normally have.

I hate that feeling.

I don’t tend to come across too many books that feature a beautiful, plus-sized heroine who isn’t fighting her weight or filled with self-loathing. There are a few, and what I like most about them is that when I finish reading the book and look in the mirror, I feel beautiful. So I decided to write the kind of book that I need. I wanted to write a book where the the heroine is gorgeous, plus-sized, feels no need to change herself, and is absolutely intoxicating to the hero.

Because in real life, being plus-sized is not a liability! At least it isn’t for me, and I hope there are a lot of other women who share my experience. There are men out there who aren’t seeing a dress size–they’re seeing curves! My husband loves my figure, and that includes my size! He thinks I’m gorgeous, and he wouldn’t change a thing about me.

So this book has a special place in my heart. I hope you’ll be swept away in the romance, and when you’re finished reading it and you pass by a mirror, I hope you’ll feel a little thrill when you realize just how beautiful you are.




Their relationship isn’t real…

But his feelings for her are!

Detective Jack Talbott has devoted his life to ending police corruption. His latest target is Liv Hylton, the ex-wife of a dirty cop. She’s also the woman he’s secretly loved for years. To get close to her, Jack’s going undercover as her boyfriend. But when the evidence points to Liv’s innocence and a threat to her safety, he’ll do anything to protect her. Even risk his career…

Coming October 2!