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School is almost here–as in it starts TOMORROW!–and that means I’ll have my workdays to myself again. Of course, I’ll miss my son, because he really is my favourite kid on the planet, but I’m really looking forward to some quiet. It might not surprise you to know that writing books is much easier when you don’t have a ten-year-old singing his own inappropriate versions of Christmas carols to the parrot in the same room. 😉



This summer flew by! I had planned my summer with a light workload, so when things came up I kept dropping them into my summer thinking, “It’s fine… I have a light summer.”

Yeah… it was a REALLY busy summer! My parents moved out from Toronto, my husband had a month off of work (which is way less helpful in getting work done than you’d think), and then there were all those little jobs I’d left for myself to get done. But I got it all done!

And I am so ready for the fall!

Especially my October release

I’ll just put this right here… in case you wanted to check it out… 😉 4.278504.512.9781335633828

Available NOW in e-book on the Harlequin site!

*For the paperback copy and any other e-tailer, you’ll have to wait for the official October 2 release.