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Writers get asked this a LOT. Where do our ideas come from? And the best answer I can give you is this:

We have twisted imaginations!

Some things we just make up. Other things, come from everyday stuff in our lives that gets twisted and pickled in the brine of our imaginations.

For example, in my newest release, HER LAWMAN PROTECTOR, there is a woman with a stroller. She’s a little creepy. Okay, she’s a lot creepy. I’m not going to tell you WHY she’s there, or who she is, or anything like that, but trust me–she’s memorable!

800px-Stroller&baby,japanAnd where did she come from? I have this friend… LOL! Yes, if you’re my friend you run the risk of being written in novels. She has a toddler, and we meet up in front of our kids’ school every day. So every day, I walk down the street toward the corner, and I see her standing there with the stroller. Well, one day I was walking down the street thinking about this manuscript, and I saw her standing there, and it came to me…

On the bright side, she’s read the book and LOVED it! So far, I think it’s her favourite. I reminded her that I’d written her into this one in the form of “Woman with Stroller”, her response was to laugh and say, “Yeah, I recognized myself there!”

So where do I get my ideas? Everywhere. And nowhere. And sometimes from my friends who have done nothing more dramatic than stand there with a stroller. 😉




Their relationship isn’t real…

But his feelings for her are!

Detective Jack Talbott has devoted his life to ending police corruption. His latest target is Liv Hylton, the ex-wife of a dirty cop. She’s also the woman he’s secretly loved for years. To get close to her, Jack’s going undercover as her boyfriend. But when the evidence points to Liv’s innocence and a threat to her safety, he’ll do anything to protect her. Even risk his career…

You can get the e-book now at the Harlequin site! The official book release is October 2. 🙂