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I stumbled across this a few days ago, and it made me laugh out loud!


Anybody else feel like it all piles up sometimes?

I’m an author, a wife and a mom to a ten-year-old. And there are some stresses that aren’t really negotiable, you know? Like parenting stress–you can’t exactly let the ball drop when it comes to your child. And there are a few stresses that I’m not willing to downgrade–like the writing. So, every once in a while, I just need to vent some stress.

Oh, did I mention that I’m an introvert? So going out and getting social doesn’t do that for me.

Lately, my favourite release is going alone to my parents’ place and watching their TV. My parents record a few of my favourite shows, and I go there to watch them. It sounds so trivial, but it drains the stress away, and when I get back home, my husband has taken care of the parenting stuff for me.

It’s more effective than colouring would be… I think. But then again, maybe I should get an angry red crayon and give it a try. 😉