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So I have a new hobby…. I like to find funny hand washing quotes to use in our bathroom to remind our ten-year-old to make use of the soap. It amuses me, what can I say? And it amuses the rest of my family when they come home to a new funny saying in the bathroom.

This was the first one I ever put up:


Mr. Johns is a pretty quiet guy, but when he got home from work and went in to wash his hands, I got a genuine guffaw out of him for this one!

So I thought I’d use it to give funny messages to my family. There were a few others that were cute, but Mr. Johns wasn’t on board. Like this one:


“So we’re staring at people peeing now? Like… a guest? Are we threatening guests with voyeurism?”

“No, I’m saying I find YOU attractive!”

“But I know that. We need to keep this focused on hand washing. That’s an important message.”

Have I mentioned that he’s very serious? But he also had a point. So that one came down. Although, I did think it was cute!

This is our most recent one, and I like it. 🙂



Bathroom art–my newest pass time. Now, I can print off the funny little sayings I see and post them for all to see… Well, maybe just for my family to see. Whatever. I’m enjoying myself. 😉

And speaking of love in the air… have you picked up your copy of Her Lawman Protector yet??


4.278504.512.9781335633828Their relationship isn’t real…

But his feelings for her are!

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