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The Christmas tree is up! And I won’t even apologize for it. I love Christmas, and while I could have waited a little bit longer to put up the decorations, my ten-year-old couldn’t. He was just dying to get the tree up, and since we got some snow, which put me right into a festive mood, too, I caved. (As I always do.)


So I put him to work. I have him a bit of help in the actually putting up of the tree,  but he decorated it.


He loves Christmas more than I do. He’ll go over the decorations, remembering where they came from. He’ll laugh about things he remembers from when he was little. It’s not just a piece of decoration for him. It’s a piece of our family.

Mr. Johns is less of a Christmas person than I am, but he always brightens up when he gets home from work and finds that Christmas has hit our home. The tree is up, the lighting is soft, the garlands are hanging above the windows, and it just feels… warm.

Of course, we’re in Canada, so our Thanksgiving has already passed in October, so there aren’t any other holidays between us and Christmas. So it might be a little different for you if you live in the US.

But Christmas has come to the Johns home. And it feels good!