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I got a box of books in the mail–this one from Mills and Boon in the UK! My Heartwarming book, HER LAWMAN PROTECTOR, was also released in the UK through Mills and Boon! How cool is that!


This is a picture of both covers side by side.

When I did a search, I found that it also came out in Australia, New Zealand and the Phillipines, and their cover is a little different, too.



I love this story, and I’m so glad that it’s coming out in North America, the UK, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand! It’s very exciting to cross the pond again.




4.278504.512.9781335633828Their relationship isn’t real…

But his feelings for her are!

Detective Jack Talbott has devoted his life to ending police corruption. His latest target is Liv Hylton, the ex-wife of a dirty cop. She’s also the woman he’s secretly loved for years. To get close to her, Jack’s going undercover as her boyfriend. But when the evidence points to Liv’s innocence and a threat to her safety, he’ll do anything to protect her. Even risk his career…