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We are an allergy family, so making Christmas cookies can be a challenge. But there is one kind of cookie we CAN have, and that’s peanut butter. So back when my son was small, I started making peanut butter cookies in the shape of snowmen for the holidays.

It’s become a tradition in our home, so last week my son and I started our first 2018 batch of snowmen. 🙂


They’re easy! Just pick a peanut butter cookie recipe, and they turn into this!




Delicious! I took the pictures to show family my handiwork, and by the time I thought, Oooo! I should be put these in a blog post, well, this was what was left. 😉


They were delicious! And there will be more. This is how we roll at the Johns home. ❤



Have you ordered my book yet? You can get it now, or you can wait to find it on the shelves in your favourite bookstore later this month. 🙂



Two stubborn hearts. One ranch.

Could Montana Twins unite them?

With orphaned twin infants to care for, Casey Courtright hoped to buy the ranch he works on—but he can’t match Ember Reed’s offer. Nevertheless, Casey agrees to show Ember the land she plans to use for her therapy center, but only if she’ll help him with the babies. And as the twins draw them together, Casey might just find that Ember is his perfect partner.