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This Christmas was a special one, because it was the first Christmas where my mom and dad have lived close by in a very long time!

This year, I got some gifts that meant the world to me. Mr. Johns got me a fountain pen with different coloured inks for book signing. So if I send you a signed book, it’ll be signed with pink ink! Well, until this ink cartridge runs out, and then I’ll move on to green, I believe. I have options. Mr. Johns has always been my biggest fan, and I’m so thankful for him. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without my handsome husband to snuggle up with.

My son bought me a necklace.  There is nothing quite so lovely as your little boy buying you something pretty and being so very proud of his efforts. He went shopping with his grandfather for it, and just to make the wrapping complete, he tossed in a fresh potato to throw me off if I decided to shake anything. LOL! I love this kid.

My parents got me something really special this year… It’s a Royal Albert dish to go on my desk, and it’s in my late grandmother’s china pattern, Old Country Roses.



Those were the most meaningful gifts I received this Christmas… well, the physical ones at least. A family to love and cherish–that’s what really counts the most, isn’t it?

We were all together, and my heart was full.

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season, too!