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Last month, I received the page proofs for my May 2019 release, THE BISHOP’S DAUGHTER. Basically, this is what the book will look like once it’s on paper, and I had to look through everything to find any typos.

All 300 pages.

This is what it looked like mid-process.



There were only three mistakes that I could find in the whole manuscript, and at the end of the job, I had 300 pages to dispose of. I didn’t want to toss them out in a bundle together, because that’s a full novel, yet unpublished. And while I did start my son on shredding it, that was taking forever.

So I did this, instead! It was Mr. Johns’s idea, actually.



Pichu the Quaker parrot, now has novel proof page cage liners. 🙂 He hated it at first. It was different, and he whines when things are different. But he’s used to it now, and I’m set for a while for paper for the various trays he uses around the house.

The life of an author’s bird…


Have you picked up my book yet? You can get it online or find it on the shelves in your favourite bookstore all this month. 🙂



Two stubborn hearts. One ranch.

Could Montana Twins unite them?

With orphaned twin infants to care for, Casey Courtright hoped to buy the ranch he works on—but he can’t match Ember Reed’s offer. Nevertheless, Casey agrees to show Ember the land she plans to use for her therapy center, but only if she’ll help him with the babies. And as the twins draw them together, Casey might just find that Ember is his perfect partner.