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I’m new to being forty, but I’m liking it! I’ve noticed that Facebook’s algorithms are choosing a different type of ad for me now. Instead of diet fads and beauty hacks, they’re sending me adds for slippers and mukluks.

They finally get me! Because I’d actually like to buy a decent pair of mukluks now that I’ve seen multiple ads for them. 😉

The one thing I’m not very good with is realizing how old I look. In my head, I look a lot younger, it seems. And I’ve proven that by suggesting a 35-year-old woman was “my age.” This was not because she legitimately looked 40. She’s beautiful and really does look like a tight, well-maintained 35. But in my head, so am I! I immediately apologized when I realized my error (and she looked at me aghast) and told her that it it only reflects on how delusionally young I think I look still… Here’s hoping there are no hard feelings, because she’s kind of extended family, and I really like her.

Follow your dreams


But my forties are treating me well. Here are a few things I’m enjoying about them:

  1. No one expects me to be to be thin anymore. “Good Lord, she’s in her forties. Leave her alone.”
  2. Nothing is marketed for me. Except slippers and mukluks. And life is cheaper when the barrage of marketing passes you by!
  3. I’ve been working at my writing career seriously for almost twenty years, and that hard work is paying off. It feels good!

So there you are–I’m enjoying forty, but I’m still putting my foot in my mouth. Because apparently,  that’s my MO. 😉


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Two stubborn hearts. One ranch.

Could Montana Twins unite them?

With orphaned twin infants to care for, Casey Courtright hoped to buy the ranch he works on—but he can’t match Ember Reed’s offer. Nevertheless, Casey agrees to show Ember the land she plans to use for her therapy center, but only if she’ll help him with the babies. And as the twins draw them together, Casey might just find that Ember is his perfect partner.