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Look what arrived! This is my second May 2019 release, Her Twins’ Cowboy Dad.

I was out when the UPS guy came by, so I asked Mr. Johns to pick up the box on his way home from work. I was pretty sure I knew what was in this box, and I wasn’t disappointed!




This is the back cover copy for the story:

A cowboy committed to bachelorhood
…until these little
Montana Twins change everything

Thanks to his dysfunctional family, cowboy-to-the-bone Colt Hardin insists marriage and fatherhood aren’t for him. But then his uncle dies, leaving Colt the ranch he’s always wanted—and the herd to his late cousin’s mischievous twin toddlers. Now Colt must find a solution with their pretty mother, Jane Marshall. Can these little cherubs show Jane and Colt what a family can truly be?




We have a friend who keeps telling us that marriage is just a piece of paper, and Mr. Johns and I disagree with him on that point. It’s more than a legality… in our humble opinion, at least. And in our experience. But these dinner party debates sparked the idea for this book. My hero is convinced that marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper. My heroine? She disagrees. But she’s no more interested in getting married again than he is! It’ll take more than her rambunctious twins to tug these two together…


This book hits the shelves May 2019!