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I get very attached to my writing desks. I spend a lot of time at those desks, and I crank out book after book there, so it stands to reason that they’ll become somewhat special to me, won’t they?

I came across this old picture of my last writing desk. It isn’t the most attractive photo. It doesn’t show things in good light or even with a clean floor! But it represents a certain phase in my life–when my son was in young and we constantly stepped over a lake of Lego.. But this was a few years ago–he’s in middle school now, and the lake of Lego has turned into a mountain. Where does the time go?

Still, this was my desk, and it was where I wrote my books while life happened around me.



I’ve had this roll top desk since I was about 23 or 24–before I even met my husband. My parents picked it up for me from an estate auction, and they drove it out to my downtown digs where I was working part time and writing full time. I wrote my first published novel at this desk! It has good mojo.

My husband and I still have this little oak desk–there is no way I’ll EVER get rid of it! I just love it too much. It’s currently in a different room, and my husband uses it, but I’m still a little protective of it. “Be gentle. Don’t pull too hard on that… You have to be careful with that knob…” What can I say? I’m attached.

That brings us to my current desk. I love this desk, too. It was a reward to myself for all my hard work, and I still spend hours and hours typing away at this desk. Except now there is so much more elbow space!


This desk is MUCH more comfortable to work at, and it feels good to spread out a bit. It has room for everything I need from files to my printer. It’ll be a beast to move when do move house again, but I think it’ll be worth it!

I love the bookshelf space this desk boasts–and I have my entire set of published novels stashed on this desk. It’s definitely my little happy space. I don’t think I’ll change desks again. This is the desk I intend to die behind. 😉



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She’s always been just a friend!

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