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Yes, I do have one! 🙂

This last Christmas, it was what I asked Mr. Johns to get for me. I wanted a fountain pen that I could use when signing books, and he came through!



I love the way a fountain pen writes, and my jots and scribbles of book ideas and reminders to myself just feel that much more momentous when written with a fountain pen.

I also have a little stash of ink cartridges that come in different colours. I started out with pink, and I’m currently using a black cartridge, but I also have green, purple, blue and red waiting for me! Sweet anticipation.


I never thought I’d be a pen person. But here I am! And I love my pen! 🙂

So if I sign a book for you going forward, you know which pen I used to do it!



Have you read my March release yet?

4.282079.512.9781335510570He’s always been the one…

She’s always been just a friend!

Grace Beverly spent years hopelessly in love with her best friend, Billy Austin. Now he’s back in Eagle’s Rest, Colorado, determined to provide the best life possible for his four-year-old daughter. He’s just not sure how. Helping Billy navigate the world of parenting is a one-way ticket back to heartache. Yet how can Grace say no to her oldest friend?