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I love being able to visit my books in the wild… all fending for themselves out there. It’s one experience to get your own box of books from the publisher and hold them in your hands, but quite another to see it on the shelves! I go book-stalking when my books come out, so I can go look at them on the shelves and get a picture without drawing attention and looking like a weirdo. 😉 Introvert problems.

This time, I spotted it in our local grocery store on the Easter weekend. Ta da! Directly after this photo was taken, I bought margarine.


Have you picked up your copy yet? 




4.283470.512.9781335479167A cowboy committed to bachelorhood
…until these little
Montana Twins change everything

Thanks to his dysfunctional family, cowboy-to-the-bone Colt Hardin insists marriage and fatherhood aren’t for him. But then his uncle dies, leaving Colt the ranch he’s always wanted—and the herd to his late cousin’s mischievous twin toddlers. Now Colt must find a solution with their pretty mother, Jane Marshall. Can these little cherubs show Jane and Colt what a family can truly be?

Free first chapter preview here!