A lot of writing advice has already been given by authors who say it much better than I would, but there are a few gems that don’t normally get doled out to the aspiring authors, and I thought that I’d take the opportunity to chime in.

Katlanovo_spa,_39My little nugget of advice to writers who are aiming for publication: Don’t be too humble.

Now, there is a time and a place for everything, and this piece of advice is one that needs to be used with some discretion. On Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, there are great opportunities to connect with the writing community. And being humble and showing respect to the authors who have more experience than you is a good practice. Authors have honed their craft and worked their way up for literally decades, and they deserve some respect for their accomplishments and professionalism. If you want advice from a seasoned author, politeness and professionalism go a long way. You really don’t want to make a fool of yourself on Twitter.

But being humble and sitting back can really hamper you in the publishing process. Yes, you are new. Yes, you need experience. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to succeed! You have a story to tell, and no one can tell it just like you. Every single author out there started out where you are–writing like crazy and just putting their work out there. They all experienced rejections, and they weren’t any more special than you are. So don’t be so humble that you sit back and learn by listening for too long.

The best way to learn is by doing. You want to be sitting in front of your computer or journal or piece of paper–however you write–and putting words together. You want practice, and when you think you have a story that’s special, you have to have the guts to submit it somewhere.

The worst thing that can happen is a rejection. The best thing? Publication!

Yes, the publishing world is competitive. It’s hard to get in. But that doesn’t make it impossible for you to do!

So be humble when you are around those who are more experienced than you are. But when you’re in front of your manuscript, forget humble! Be bold. Be audacious. And believe that you’ve got something special, because you do. No one else has your voice, your perspective, or your story.

Besides, persistence really is the secret to success, and persistent people aren’t humbly standing in the back.

Now, get back to work! 😉


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