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The LAWMAN’S BABY is officially released July 2019! So it’s on the way… and here’s a little tip: if you preorder through Harlequin, they start shipping those books out June 1!

I love seeing how the covers are different between North America and the UK, and while this cover’s differences are subtle, I still like the different looks.

This first one is the North American cover:



And this one is the UK version:


I love them both, but you know… I think I like the UK version just a tiny bit more!


He’s in over his head…

And calling for backup!

Police officer Mike McMann is always cool under pressure, but taking custody of his infant nephew has left him in a cold sweat. Coming to his rescue is social worker Paige Stedler. Paige gives him a crash course on parenting—and a tempting glimpse into a life beyond the badge. But is Mike ready to trade in his SWAT team aspirations for a white picket fence?