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When my son was born, he was two months premature, and only 4 lbs. He was tiny, and not at all ready to be on the outside. He stayed tiny for quite a long while. He was a month and a half old when he hit 5 lbs and was finally able to come home from the hospital. At 3 months old, he finally hit 8 lbs, and I remember thinking, “Wow, he’s as big as a regular newborn now…”

These are the newborn diapers from the hospital and his itty bitty ankle bracelet. Those diapers had to be folded over to fit him, and he still swam in them.



Those weren’t easy weeks when he was first born. Babies that little struggle to stay alive. But once we got him home, we were able to relax a little bit–snuggle him and start out some regular life with our baby who needed to be fed every hour because his tummy was still so small. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, I can tell you that!

When I wrote THE LAWMAN’S BABY with premature, 5 lb Benjie, I had my own little boy in my heart the entire time. A baby that tiny needed a lot of love, and who better to provide it than a beefy cop? Yes, that seemed like the perfect combination to me!

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9781335510747He’s in over his head…

And calling for backup!

Police officer Mike McMann is always cool under pressure, but taking custody of his infant nephew has left him in a cold sweat. Coming to his rescue is social worker Paige Stedler. Paige gives him a crash course on parenting—and a tempting glimpse into a life beyond the badge. But is Mike ready to trade in his SWAT team aspirations for a white picket fence?