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I’ve blogged before about how my husband doesn’t think I’m funny. That hasn’t changed, unfortunately. He still seems more baffled than anything by most of my humour. So anyway, recently, I came across this joke online and it gave me a laugh.


Funny, right? I thought so!

So I went to the other room to tell Mr. Johns the joke.

Me: What do you call a French guy wearing sandals?

Mr. Johns: Um… A priest?

Now, THAT is a funny answer, if you understand his background, etc. My husband was born and raised in East Africa and English is his second language. European priests who came to serve in his African country used to wear socks and sandals. Just total dad-gear. It was a source of humour for him and his siblings for years.

Me: LOL! No, Philippe Philoppe.

Mr. Johns: I don’t get it.

So I spelled it for him.

Mr. Johns: …

Me: Like flip flops. But Philippe… like the name… of a French guy…

Mr. Johns: Yeah. Is that funny?

Me: Yes, that’s funny! You’re impossible!

Mr. Johns: Sorry.

Telling my ESL husband jokes is my cross to bear, I think. But I don’t give up! I do manage to make him laugh sometimes, but it’s normally when I’m being snarky and ranting about something and I’ll get an honest laugh out of him. But when I’m joking around, he just watches me in mild confusion.

I’m funny. I stand by it. 😉



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