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The other day, I was getting ready to go get groceries, and I called to my husband, who was in the other room, “I’m leaving now! I need someone to kiss me and tell me I’m pretty!”

From the bathroom, I heard my son heave a sigh. “Okay, Mom. You’re pretty. Bye.”

LOL! Obviously, the “someone” I was referring to wasn’t my son. My husband came to kiss me, told me I was pretty, and off I went.

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You see, I live under the very strong conviction that while I might not be treated like a stunning beauty anywhere else, I definitely deserve it in my home. I mean, really, where else do I get to be prettiest girl in the room? And where else do I want to be?

I married a man who thinks I’m beautiful, and I still draw his eye. He says, “Never marry a woman who isn’t gorgeous.” At first, I thought this was rather shallow, but he explained that if you marry someone you aren’t besotted with, then what’s the point? Marry a woman you think it just stunning, and you’ll always wake up happy. And beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

In my home, I get to make demands like “kiss me and tell me I’m pretty” before I slog out to get the groceries. I get to be the beautiful one, the one who draws her husband’s eye. And he gets to be the handsome one, the strong one, the guy I go out of my way to flirt with.

It may only be a regular middle class home, but here, I’m QUEEN!


9781335510747He’s in over his head…

And calling for backup!

Police officer Mike McMann is always cool under pressure, but taking custody of his infant nephew has left him in a cold sweat. Coming to his rescue is social worker Paige Stedler. Paige gives him a crash course on parenting—and a tempting glimpse into a life beyond the badge. But is Mike ready to trade in his SWAT team aspirations for a white picket fence?