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I’m taking a summer break. I know, I know, this is unheard of in the Patricia Johns world, but I’m doing it! Our son is home from school, and I wanted to be able to do some things with him this summer instead of distracting him while I work. So I worked extra hard to get my manuscript finished before he got out of school, and here we are! 🙂 The rest will do me good!

So, while my husband had some time off of work, we went into the city for the Royal Alberta Museum. I’ve been wanting to go for some time, and I finally convinced the two of them that it would be fun. So off we went. And it was fun! There was an exhibit on the Vikings, which I found interesting, but the part we all really loved was the dinosaurs. I mean, how could you not? Dinosaurs!

Anyway, we took a few photos, and the one thing I noticed is that I’m definitely looking my age. That’s not a bad thing–I’m forty, and there are worse things than looking forty. But it took me a little by surprise! I don’t look as young in pictures as I do in my head… The mammoth behind me probably feels the same way. 😉



There were other exhibits, like Natural History that also caught my eye.








And over all, we had a very nice time wandering around the museum. These are the sorts of things I’m trying to do more of this summer–just getting out with my family and playing tourist in our area.

*I’m sorry not to have included pictures of my family, but if you follow me, you know that I try to keep photos of them offline. In fact, Mr. Johns insists upon it! So you’re stuck with a picture of Yours Truly. 😉