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I came across this joke online, and it made me laugh!



The thing is, authors work really hard for their money. If you’re looking for a job where you can make a lot per hour, don’t choose writing! As an author, you write because you can’t imagine doing anything else. And all of us write with the hope that one day we’ll make a fortune, but in all reality, most of us never do. If we make a living wage, we’re incredibly proud of ourselves, and we work our tails off to get it!

So when you see TV writers who sit around having coffee, hanging out with friends, writing a little bit and then solving a murder or something… please join us authors is a giant eye roll! LOL! That’s not how it works.

But when readers pick up our books and enjoy them, pass them around, write a review, gush just a little–that makes all that work worth it! It REALLY does.

And I wouldn’t turn down a bestseller. 😉



Have you checked out my release this month? It’s a cowboy romance with adorable twin girls and it’s guaranteed to tear your heart out. That’s the kind of book I write!



He’s forgotten how to be a daddy
But he’ll learn for his
Montana Twins

It’s no surprise that Sawyer West doesn’t recognize the beautiful woman visiting his ranch. After an accident, he doesn’t remember anyone. Not even his twin toddlers. Still, something tells him he can trust Olivia Martin, who offers her help with the girls—and recovering his missing memories. Yet that trust may shatter when he learns why she’s really there…



And it’s on the shelves of your favourite bookstore!