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I’m so excited to be able to announce the I’ve signed another three book contract with Kensington Books! This is for a brand new miniseries, tentatively titled THE INFAMOUS AMISH, and you should be seeing it on the shelves in 2021!

A special thank you to my agent, Rachel Beck, at Holloway Literary for negotiating the deal for me. She’s the best, and she makes the whole process so painless. And Kensington is a wonderful publisher who has been an absolute joy to work with during my last contract, so I’m excited to continue on.

Wash on a clothesline in Lancaster County's "Amish Country."

This miniseries follows the adult children of an Amish patriarch who is in prison for fraud. Abe Yoder was arrested with some Englishers who were collecting money from unsuspecting Amish communities for a fraudulent charity. He was a very popular preacher who could make a three hour sermon feel like an hour and a half, and more than one Amish community feels personally betrayed by him. The Amish are supposed to forgive, but it’s a lot harder to forgive a leader who defrauded whole communities than it is to forgive an Englisher who is already on the outside and expected to be heathen. Abe Yoder was one of them.

Abe’s children have the unique challenge of adjusting to their father’s guilt as well as finding a way to move forward within their shaken community. Their family name has been sullied and no one trusts them anymore… Is love and marriage even possible for the Yoders? And is there redemption for their wayward daet?

I’m just thrilled to continue working with Kensington Books. Writing these Amish stories has been so much fun, and I can’t wait to start on the new miniseries. You can count on them to be more of the same heartfelt stories you are used to getting from me… but with a little added sizzle. 😉