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If we ever have an apocalypse, somebody is going to have to feed me. I realized this not too long ago.

We have these friends who are very self-sufficient. They fix things when they break, they put in their own fence around their yard, they renovate, they harvest and can the fruit from their trees… These people have my utmost respect. Every once in a while I’ll mention having to replace something in our apartment, and my friend or her husband will say, “Oh, you can fix that! All you need to do is…” And after listening to a description of the work required, I’m forced to admit, “That is completely outside of our skill set.”

And if there were ever an apocalypse, I think they might have to feed me. My husband is handier than I am… maybe between the two of us we could figure out how to keep our family alive.


Because I’m a writer. And I’m not handy. I’m not sure what I’d have to offer to a fledgling society of humans! I’m not a doctor, I’m not a farmer, I’m not handy with machines or growing food. I couldn’t build my own house. I likely couldn’t survive a winter! What can I do? I can tell you stories!

I mean, what is a story worth to people focused on survival? Is it worth one meal? Two meals? Is a month’s worth of stories worth helping us build a house?

Maybe… It depends on the stories you tell, I suppose. If you’re creating the history of this group of people, telling the tale of their survival, then maybe it is, because stories give us roots. They help us to know who we are and what we stand for. They help us to remember the ones we’ve loved and lost, and they give us hope for the future. Because if we’ve survived this much, we can keep going!

But I’d have to learn how to garden and preserve food, at the very least. My hearty petunias on the balcony just wouldn’t cut it.

What about you? If there were an apocalypse, would you have the skillset to keep yourself alive without all our modern conveniences?


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He’s forgotten how to be a daddy
But he’ll learn for his
Montana Twins

It’s no surprise that Sawyer West doesn’t recognize the beautiful woman visiting his ranch. After an accident, he doesn’t remember anyone. Not even his twin toddlers. Still, something tells him he can trust Olivia Martin, who offers her help with the girls—and recovering his missing memories. Yet that trust may shatter when he learns why she’s really there…



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