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I’m the mother of a sixth grader, and I’m determined to expose him to literature. I have a degree in English Lit, and I love the classics. I’ve read him countless classics from novels to poetry, and I’m not expecting him to remember it all or appreciate it the way I do, I just want him to know that it’s there.

So there are always a few classic poems stuck to our fridge, and from time to time, when my son asks for TV time, or whatnot, I’ll say, “First go read some poems on the fridge.” Then we’ll talk about which ones he likes, which ones he doesn’t, what he thinks about when he reads them…

We have a ratty little paper on our fridge right now–a Robert Frost poem that is probably familiar to you. I love this poem because of the way it makes me feel, and since it was rattling around in my head for several months, it made its way into my Christmas release, HER TRIPLETS’  MISTLETOE DAD.


Poetry isn’t about understanding the rhyme or rhythm, or even the deeper meanings. It isn’t about important poets, or the cannon of English Literature. Poetry is about feeling, and being able to stop for a moment, like in a winter wood, and feel the cold and quiet. It’s a very basic human experience to be able to feel some words.

I hope my newest novel will make you feel, too! I hope it will make you stop and breathe and draw in a moment. I hope it will remind you that love is real and powerful and possible.

And then I hope that some of you will take a moment to let me know about it! Because I do love hearing from readers.



Can a marriage of convenience…

…really last a lifetime?

Single mom Gabby Rogers needs help raising her newborn triplets, so when her best friend, Seth, proposes a marriage of convenience, she cautiously agrees—on the condition it doesn’t ruin their friendship. As far as the town of Eagle’s Rest knows, Gabby and Seth are the perfect couple, but the imaginary romance soon feels surprisingly real. With the triplets’ first Christmas drawing closer, will Gabby risk showing Seth how she truly feels?

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