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I have some new titles!

When you write a book, get it accepted, and even begin the editing process, you don’t know the title that the book will be published under. You have a working title, but as for the one that will be on the shelves? Complete surprise!

So I was finally given the title for my new miniseries that starts this May with Harlequin Heartwarming: THE SECOND CHANCE CLUB.


The lodge that inspired the setting. This is the real life Cathedral Mountain Lodge. 

Angelina Cunningham has been through a brutal divorce, but she’s fared well! And she’s determined to help her friends in a similar situation. So she begins a dinner club at her mountain lodge called The Second Chance Club, and the women who meet there are an emotional support for each other as well as a source of advice for women who are still overwhelmed by all the changes and heartbreak that divorce brings.

The first book, THEIR MOUNTAIN REUNION, comes out May 2020.

This is a special book… When my agent read it, she said that it was the best book I’d written to date and she just gushed about how much she loved it! And I love it, too! I think what made this particular book resonate with me so much was that my heroine is 40. This is the first time I’ve written a heroine my age, and I just loved the experience! This whole miniseries will feature women in their forties hashing through life’s issues and finding love.

And I can’t wait for the miniseries to start! 🙂