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I stumbled across this meme online, and it makes me laugh every time I see it! Everyone loves to hate it when the canned Christmas songs come into retail stores, but I love it. (Do I need to duck when I say that?)


The truth is, I love Christmas, and I love when the carols come out in the stores. It just makes me feel cheery! It didn’t always, though. Before Mr. Johns, I loved Christmas, but it had a little hint of sadness to it, too.

I used to listen to the romantic Christmas carols that would play in the stores and I’d feel a little melancholy. I’ll Be Home for Christmas. All I Want for Christmas Is You. Walking In a Winter Wonderland… It’s all about romantic love, isn’t it?  I had a loving extended family to do holiday things with, but there comes a stage in life when it isn’t quite enough to fill your heart.

I think those days of longing are a necessary part of finding the right person. We read stories about being anything but ready for love, and then having it slam us over the head and change our lives. But in reality, we don’t let things change our lives quite so easily, if we haven’t given it some thought first.

In HER TRIPLETS’ MISTLETOE DAD, Gabby was ever so ready to find a decent guy to settle down with, but it all went wrong when she discovered he was already married! So when she comes home with her newborn triplets, she’s not ready to take another risk… not as a new mom.

But Christmas has a way of putting people’s minds toward domestic happiness–wood fires, home-baked goodies, cuddling under a quilt… and two old friends are suddenly seeing each other in a very different light!

I hope you’ll pick up a copy! I have a feeling you’ll really love this one.



Can a marriage of convenience…

…really last a lifetime?

Single mom Gabby Rogers needs help raising her newborn triplets, so when her best friend, Seth, proposes a marriage of convenience, she cautiously agrees—on the condition it doesn’t ruin their friendship. As far as the town of Eagle’s Rest knows, Gabby and Seth are the perfect couple, but the imaginary romance soon feels surprisingly real. With the triplets’ first Christmas drawing closer, will Gabby risk showing Seth how she truly feels?

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