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That I’m married!

I saw this writing prompt, and it made me laugh, because I know what they were aiming at–a list of advice for keeping you happy, for understanding your moods… But that wasn’t what popped into my mind.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I don’t get hit on by people other than my husband very often, but when it does happen, I ticks me off. (And there have been a couple of recent ones that primed the pump for this post! LOL!)

I’m the kind of woman who gets offended when people, who know I’m married, hit on me. I don’t like it! I wear a very obvious wedding ring, and when I took my vows to my husband, I meant them. If you’re hitting on me, you’re disrespecting my marriage, my decisions for my life, my husband, and… I don’t know, I’m sure a whole list of other things. You’re disrespecting ME!

Whens someone hits on me, they’re hoping to break up the life I’ve worked nearly fifteen years to build! They might not want me to leave my husband (some people just want something on the side), but they want me to risk my marriage and my home. They want me to betray the man I love, and offer my body in exchange for… the ecstasies they figure they can provide without fifteen years of practice? Dream on. So what advice would I give to someone falling in love with me?

That I’m very, very married. šŸ˜‰

In Her Triplets’ Mistletoe Dad, Gabby only finds out that her boyfriend is married after she discovers she’s pregnant… and she’s both heartbroken and furious. She had no intention of being the other woman in someone else’s marriage, and she goes home to raise her boys alone. Except, she need more help than she anticipates… and her old friend Seth isn’t about to let her struggle alone.

But what makes for a lasting marriage? Is it just a promise, or something more that makes keeping that promise possible?

I do hope you’ll pick up a copy of this one! It’s one of my favourites!




Can a marriage of convenienceā€¦

ā€¦really last a lifetime?

Single mom Gabby Rogers needs help raising her newborn triplets, so when her best friend, Seth, proposes a marriage of convenience, she cautiously agreesā€”on the condition it doesnā€™t ruin their friendship. As far as the town of Eagleā€™s Rest knows, Gabby and Seth are the perfect couple, but the imaginary romance soon feels surprisingly real. With the tripletsā€™ first Christmas drawing closer, will Gabby risk showing Seth how she truly feels?

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