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Have I ever introduced you to the Johns’ family nativity scene? Ours is a little different that other peoples’, and I’ll tell you why.

thumbnail_privatevarmobileContainersDataApplicationC21E86EF-39B7-4A52-80F7-8347B80C4D39tmp9A9DBAF2-5863-489C-83E3-425323BF1E74ImageMy husband is originally from Africa and is very dark, and I’m, well, white. We are both Canadian, and very much in love. So when we had our son, there wasn’t the simple assumption that a family would all be the same colour. In our family, we’re all different colours, but we couldn’t belong together more.

So, when we got a nativity set, I set it all up, and I asked our then three-year-old if he knew who the figures were.


“That’s the mommy,” he said, pointing at Mary. Then he looked at the others, and plucked the black wiseman out from the group and stuck him next to Mary. “That’s the daddy.”

“Who’s that?” I asked, pointing the Joseph.

He thought for a moment. “The Papa.” (That’s what he calls his grandfather.)

So I disassembled the wiseman and the Joseph, and switched their props so that the wiseman got the lantern, and he became our official Joseph. We also have a father-in-law who hangs out in the background, because… well, our three-year-old declared it.

Because why not? If the nativity set can have the palest of the pale with blonde hair and blue eyes to represent people living in the Middle East, I don’t see why we can’t mix it up further!

So ever after, this has been our Holy Family.


We’re very attached to our nativity set. Poor Baby Jesus has had his legs broken off from the years when our son used to steal him from the manger and hide him around the house. We tried glueing them back on, but the fix never lasted.

But whenever I look at our nativity set, it warms my heart. It’s ours.

And it suits us just fine! 


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