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Some people have beautifully colour coordinated trees. Other people have thematic trees–like my parents. Their tree is dogs and angels. But mine is a mishmash of memories. It’s how I like it! Every year, I get a new ornament or two. Sometimes, it’s just something pretty, or something I like. One year I got Star Trek ornaments, for example.

But this year, I wanted to get something that would remind us what it was like for the Johns family in 2019. And I found the perfect ornament!


Our son is 11, and this year, he was wild about Monopoly, so he’s been roping my husband and I into playing with him. So Mr. Johns and I have been playing a lot of Monopoly… a lot. There’s something about the age, I think, that leans toward that game, because most of our son’s friends love playing it, too. Our son makes terrible deals, though. Just terrible! And when I told my father that, he said, “You did the same thing! You made awful deals.”

I remember that, too! When I was his age, I’d be playing Monopoly with my family, and if I got Park Place or Boardwalk, my brother could always talk me into some terrible deal, and I’d cave in and trade it away.

“Boardwalk for Baltic, a Get Out of Jail Free card, and $50? Well… I suppose I could do that…”

I wanted to win, of course, but I loved my big brother more and he wanted to win so badly, that I couldn’t resist making him happy.

I think our son is the same way. He plays Monopoly with more heart than shark-instinct, and I love that about him. 🙂 He’s just such a sweet kid!

I’m still looking for an ornament that will cover my husband’s interests this year… so I’m not done shopping quite yet.


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