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Any Hallmark Christmas movie fans out there? I recently watched a fun one that my parents have been telling me I have to see… The Mistletoe Inn.

This movie is based on a book by Richard Paul Evans, and it’s about an aspiring author whose writer boyfriend dumps her because she isn’t serious enough about her writing. In order to bounce back, she goes to a writer’s conference just before Christmas in hopes of having her manuscript-in-progress read by a famous recluse author.


It was a fun movie, and I really enjoyed it! But there was one thing that didn’t quite ring for me… authors dating.

Now, I know that lots of authors have dated each other, and married each other! Just off the top of my head, Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson were together for at least forty years before his death. So I know that other people do this… but I just can’t.

I’ve never wanted to date another artistic type. In fact, when I was still looking for the right guy, I purposefully sought out men with other skills–practical skills. And here is why:

  1. I need stability. Being a writer is a very unstable profession, and I needed a partner who would be willing to bring in a regular monthly income, because mine is a little more feast and famine. What’s mine is his, and what’s his is mine, so when I feast, he feasts, too! But still… no one likes actual famines.
  2. I never want to compete with the man I love. And if we were both pursuing the dream that drove my creative passion, and he was able to achieve where I couldn’t… as mature as I hope I’d be, I know my own emotional limitations. And I never wanted to compete with my guy. Or have him compete with me!
  3. I like being the artistic one in the relationship. I don’t want to be with a guy who’s just like me. I love that Mr. Johns is technical and methodical, and good with his hands. I like that he can fix things I can’t. And I love the way he looks at me with such pride when I’ve written another book. We amaze each other.


And I found my Mr. Right. He’s technical and smart. I’m creative and intuitive. Our careers complement each other, and our goals mesh beautifully.

Mr. Johns is not a writer. 🙂 It’s perfect.


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