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I’m a romantic–maybe even an obnoxious one. I honestly believe that every pot has its lid and every person has their match. I believe in love, soul mates, and fidelity that lasts a lifetime. And I think my staunch belief in these things has formed my world.

I don’t think I ever would have taken the leap in marrying my husband if I didn’t think that wild romance could be mine. I don’t think I would have taken the leap in writing books if I didn’t think “Why not me?” when I looked at the odds of making it in this industry. I don’t think I would have done many of the things that have formed my life if I didn’t see the sparkling possibility of miracles all around me. Because I never would have tried! And if I did try, I certainly wouldn’t have stuck with it long enough to see any results.

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I have a good friend who just finished writing another book, and I’ve watched her progress as she’s learned the ropes and pored herself into crafting her own stories. So many people try once and if they don’t see immediate success, they quit and say, “Yeah, I knew the odds were against me…” But this friend is different. She looks at me and figures, “If Patricia can do it, why not me?” Because you know what? I’m not terribly special! LOL And it takes a good friend to recognize that.

I honestly believe my friend is going to make it. She has the right attitude–why not her? Why can’t she figure this out and write her own stories? Why can’t she do exactly what I’m doing? Sure, it takes a lot of work, but anything worthwhile does. And if she’s willing to put in the work, why shouldn’t she be able to write books, too?

I think that attitude has a big impact on our lives. I’m not saying that bad things don’t happen to optimistic people, but we’ll never see the infinite possibility of miracles around us if we don’t look for it. And bravery comes hand-in-hand with that optimism.

So yes, I’m just as hopeful and romantic as I seem online. This is me. I believe in romance and passion, in possibilities and miracles. I believe in angels and I believe that there are times when heaven brushes earth. So I keep going, keep writing, keep trying… Because why not me? Why shouldn’t I be able to see some evidence of the sparkle I believe in? It’s how I live my life.

Like anyone, my life isn’t perfect, but my God, my life is beautiful as a result!



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