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These days, an author often writes books for two or even three different publishers, and all too often, her readers don’t even know! And that, my dear readers, is heartbreaking, because you never know what you’re missing!

For example…



Patricia Davids is Harlequin royalty. She writes Amish romance, and she has over 40 books out. She’s a USA Today bestselling author who writes for Harlequin’s Love Inspired line as well as for HQN, one of Harlequin’s trade lines. 81vmf8zuznl_orig

Patricia Davids’s most recent book, The Amish Teacher’s Dilemma, hit the shelves in February 2020 to rave reviews.

But did you know she’s also published with Kensington Books?

9781496717634She is! She contributed a novella to The Amish Christmas Letters which released September 2019. So if you’re a Patricia Davids fan, don’t miss out on that little gem! You’ll also get novellas by Sarah Price and Jennifer Beckstrand, both of whom have extensive Amish backlists.

Patricia Davids isn’t the only Harlequin author to write for Kensington Books. But it can be difficult to get the word out to readers that their favourite authors publish for different presses. Some readers are incredibly loyal to a particular publishing line because they love what they read there. And I understand that kind of loyalty. When you find what you like, why would you change?  But you might be missing out on more great writing from the same great author. For example, for those of you who snap up the Patricia Davids Love Inspired books, have you picked up her HQNs recently? Or the Kensington collection that features her novella? Because if not, you are seriously missing out!

So I feel like I’m in excellent company in my own crossover writing! I write for two Harlequin lines, Love Inspired and Heartwarming, but I also write for Kensington Books! All together, I have over 25 books out.  If you love Amish romance, my first Amish releases have come out through Kensington Books to very strong reviews!



Thursday's Bride MM

But I also have my first Amish with Love Inspired coming out this June. So if you discovered me through Kensington Books, surprise! There’s more from me at Harlequin!


And I want my readers to know about all of my books, not just the publisher they tend to buy from. If you enjoy my writing at Harlequin, why not try my Kensington Books? And if you discovered me at Kensington, I have a hefty backlist at Harlequin!

Take a look at all of my books. I really think you’ll love them!