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Patricia Davids and I have something in common–we both write Amish romance for more than one publisher/publishing line! If you’re an Amish fan though Love Inspired, I’m sure you’ve heard of Patricia Davids–she’s forty books deep, and an absolute legend.

This spring/summer, we both have Amish books coming out in two different publishing lines, and you don’t want to miss out. Our books are sweet, inspirational, and filled with all that deep Amish character that you’ve been longing for.



Pat Davids's coverComing May 26,2020
Published by HQN

Sarah Yoder has always dreamed of having a family of her own. But with no eligible prospects, she’s beginning to worry—until the Raber brothers return to Cedar Grove. Sarah and Isaac Raber walked out together the summer they were sixteen, so perhaps he’s the one. If only she had a little help catching his eye…

Levi Raber has no interest in marriage. When his mother reveals her plans to deed the family farm to the first son who marries, Levi has a plan to ensure that it isn’t him: a pretend courtship with Sarah to nudge his competitive brother in her direction. Then Levi can leave town to train racehorses—just as he wanted. So why does Sarah—with her vision of a peaceful, happy life on the land—make his heart gallop? Perhaps the answer lies in the promise of how sweetly surprising love can be.


amish teacherReleased March 2020
Published by Love Inspired

The teacher next door could be the mother they need…

Will she return to her old life…or risk everything to build a new one?

Taking a schoolteacher position in another district is just the change Amish spinster Eva Coblentz needs. And with her new neighbor, blacksmith Willis Gingrich, struggling to raise his three orphaned siblings, Eva is determined to help them heal. But when her relatives insist she come home, Eva must choose between the life she left…and the one she’s growing to love.


And I have two Amish books through two different publishers!



Thursday's Bride MM

Released April 2020
Published by Kensington Books

For a proper young Amish widow struggling to begin again, encountering her reckless first love will test her forgiveness, resolve—and heart . . .

Overwhelmed by grief and tending twin baby daughters, Rosmanda Lapp is without options. She still blames her brother-in-law, Levi, for her husband’s accidental death—but she and her aging in-laws need him to keep their farm going. Yet as Levi takes on his responsibilities with a new determination and steadiness, she can’t help but regret that she chose his serious-minded brother over him. For Levi is still very much the passionate man she loved—and Rosmanda now has even more reasons to keep him at arm’s length . . .

Levi can’t blame Rosmanda for staying clear of him. He has mistakes to make up for and must finally do right by his parents. Still, he never got over his brother stealing Rosmanda away. And he can’t deny the feelings that even now tempt them back to each other. And when a mistake from her past threatens her reputation, Levi will do whatever it takes to help her—and trust that faith and courage will at last help them claim a future together . . .



Coming June 2020
Published by Love Inspired

They need her help. She needs them…

An Amish bachelor. A motherless child.

Can she turn them into a real family?

Schoolteacher Patience Flaud longs for a family of her own—but knows it can never happen. At least she can help Amish bachelor Thomas Wiebe with his small Englisher daughter. As she settles the child into Amish life, Patience begins falling for the bewildered new father and his heartbroken little girl. But is love enough to make them a permanent family?


If you love Amish romance, you can find both Patricia Davids and I published by more than one publishing line. Patricia Davids writes for Love Inspired, HQN and Kensington Books, and I write Amish romance for Love Inspired and Kensington Books (as well as contemporary romance through Harlequin Heartwarming).

So, if you already love our books from one publisher, why not try our other books, too? You won’t be disappointed!