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This book is about hope, it’s about finding the good things in something that is hard, it’s about learning that family is more then just blood relations. Patricia Johns knows how to tug at them old heart strings, she once again takes you on a journey that will show you that the world is good.

~Goodreads, 5 star review

Mountain 1

I love writing a more mature heroine. Don’t get me wrong–young heroines are fun, too, but when I write a woman in her forties, I can dig deeper.

There comes an age for every woman  when she stops taking the BS, and she draws a line. For a lot of women, that’s 40. She’s tired of the disrespect, and not willing to play games anymore for anyone.

She’s also experienced a few different types of relationships–good ones, manipulative ones, short-lived ones. She knows what her heart can take, and what is just a waste of time. So sweeping a woman in her forties off her feet… it takes more than some sweet talking.

In THEIR MOUNTAIN REUNION, Melanie Isaacs just wants some time to lick her wounds after a painful divorce, but when her ex-husband’s teenaged daughter lands on her doorstep, that isn’t going to be possible.

What is it about kids that forces us to face the stuff we’d rather not look at? Melanie needs to start over, but not just for herself. She’s got a seventeen-year-old watching how she copes with this rejection, and Tilly has a few painful life lessons of her own.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of THEIR MOUNTAIN REUNION and join Melanie in discovering the Second Chance Dinner Club. These are women who have seen it all before, and are still wading through their troubles. But they believe in second chances, and in women supporting each other.

Turns out, that’s the combination that works!

Releasing May 5, 2020! 

3.295155.512.9781335889706A new start…

With an old flame?

Fifteen years in an unhappy marriage showed Melanie Isaacs exactly what she didn’t want. Now she’s in Mountain Springs to figure out the rest of her life—even if it means facing her former sweetheart, Logan McTavish. The spark between Logan and Melanie is stronger than ever. But is it enough to heal two weary, damaged hearts…and show them the way to a new happiness?




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