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Quarantine life isn’t too much different from regular life for me. The main difference is that our son is homeschooling with the rest of North America right now, so he’s at home. This slows down my writing. I’m someone who likes to work in dead silence and absolute solitude. But I’ll survive. 😉

Mr. Johns is still working since his job is a necessary service, so he still heads out to work every day. And I’m still writing, as usual.

Pichu is the big winner right now, because he MUCH prefers our son over us, and so he has his favourite person in the whole world with him every single day, and the two of them play together endlessly.

This is Pichu playing with a pencil, upside down in my son’s hand. It’s very cute! If I tried that with him, I’d lose a finger. That is a very strong beak. 😉

pichu 1


Sometimes, Mr. Johns has to work late, and when that happens, it turns into a dinner free-for-all over here. This particular dinner, Mr. Johns was working late, my son was eating in front of the TV (please don’t judge!) and I was eating and going over a book manuscript at the table.

Deadlines loom, after all! 😉

editing supper

And this is what life looks like in the Johns home right now.

If you’re looking for a good book to read during all this staying in, I’ve got the book for you! It has a forty-ish heroine trying to recover from a nasty divorce, a seventeen-year-old stepdaughter who knows every single nerve to pluck, and a hero our heroine knows better than to fall for… It’s bursting with family drama, intense kisses and has a dinner club of women who’ve gone through it all before, and believe wholeheartedly in second chances.

I think you’ll love it!


Releasing May 5, 2020


3.295155.512.9781335889706A new start…

With an old flame?

Fifteen years in an unhappy marriage showed Melanie Isaacs exactly what she didn’t want. Now she’s in Mountain Springs to figure out the rest of her life—even if it means facing her former sweetheart, Logan McTavish. The spark between Logan and Melanie is stronger than ever. But is it enough to heal two weary, damaged hearts…and show them the way to a new happiness?



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