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My husband works a physical job, and he does a lot of standing and bending as he works. For the longest time, he wore a belt (normal, right?) but he found that it just didn’t do the job as well as it could! When you’re climbing ladders and reaching into narrow spaces… there’s a lot of… wiggle.

Anyway, after complaining for a long time about this, Mr. Johns’s Amish romance writing wife suggested some good, old-fashioned suspenders. There were a couple of guys at work who used them, too, and so after THEY suggested it, he bought a pair. 🙂

suspenders 2


He wears a belt still, because he needs to secure his keys to it, but the suspenders just hold his pants up so much better! He wears them under a second work shirt so they aren’t so obvious, but they’re there!

suspenders 1

One of the things I like about the Amish is their practicality. Yes, they live a simpler life without electricity or cars, but the things they do include in their lives are all incredibly useful! Nothing is wasted. And it was neat to discover that their use of suspenders is probably for good reason! You get men working hard outside, and a belt just doesn’t always cut it…

So there you have it. Suspenders. Maybe they’ll make a comeback. 😉


Coming June 2020!

3.295427.512.9781335488183They need her help. She needs them

An Amish bachelor. A motherless child.

Can she turn them into a real family?

Schoolteacher Patience Flaud longs for a family of her own—but knows it can never happen. At least she can help Amish bachelor Thomas Wiebe with his small Englisher daughter. As she settles the child into Amish life, Patience begins falling for the bewildered new father and his heartbroken little girl. But is love enough to make them a permanent family?


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