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I planted my little balcony garden this year, and I love it already! We don’t have a lot of space, but I do like to watch things grow over the summer, and it’s soothing to stand out there on a summer morning, plucking dried blooms off the flowers, or watering the pots.

This year, I have a tomato plant, a strawberry plant, some geraniums and some peas. We’ll see how the peas go! I’ve tried them before on the balcony, and they weren’t successful, so maybe I’m crazy to try again, but I’d really love some fresh peas!



garden 1

Plus, my little balcony garden is a great place to take pictures of my Amish books–don’t you think? 🙂

This book is on the shelves now! So I do hope you’ll pick up a copy!

nanny B



On the shelves now! 

3.295427.512.9781335488183They need her help. She needs them

An Amish bachelor. A motherless child.

Can she turn them into a real family?

Schoolteacher Patience Flaud longs for a family of her own—but knows it can never happen. At least she can help Amish bachelor Thomas Wiebe with his small Englisher daughter. As she settles the child into Amish life, Patience begins falling for the bewildered new father and his heartbroken little girl. But is love enough to make them a permanent family?


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