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I’ve been wanting to get another bookshelf for the longest time. As an author who releases approximately six books a year, I have a lot boxes of books delivered to our home, and I don’t give away every single copy that I receive. I keep a few for later giveaways, or to give to friends, etc. So I end up with literally boxes of books piled up with nowhere to put them.

Well, this quarantine, Mr. Johns finally got sick of staring at book boxes, and we ordered another shelf from Wayfair. I was so thrilled! It’s very pretty, and it matches my desk so nicely.

shelf 1

Our son and I worked for a couple of hours putting it together, and then Mr. Johns came home from work with a his drill, and that sped up the process considerably.

I emptied out some boxes of books into the selves on the bottom, and I have more space still for when more boxes arrive. (My next release will be in September, so that’s coming up!) I stacked the books all two deep in the cupboard below, and there is still space in there, so I was so happy with how spacious it is!

shelf 2

And just so you can see how well it matches my desk, this is a quick picture of my desk where I work.


Have you picked up my latest release? It might still be on the shelves still, and if it’s already gone, you can pick it up online anywhere books are sold.


On the shelves now! 

3.295427.512.9781335488183They need her help. She needs them

An Amish bachelor. A motherless child.

Can she turn them into a real family?

Schoolteacher Patience Flaud longs for a family of her own—but knows it can never happen. At least she can help Amish bachelor Thomas Wiebe with his small Englisher daughter. As she settles the child into Amish life, Patience begins falling for the bewildered new father and his heartbroken little girl. But is love enough to make them a permanent family?


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