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JEB’S WIFEis the story of a marriage of convenience–a young woman desperate for the money she needs to rescue her brother, and her scarred, reclusive neighbour.

A legal marriage will help them both, but Leah won’t share his bed. He’s older than her, much stronger than her, and a little frightening… Besides, with his injuries, he can’t be wanting a full marriage, can he?

But Jeb can’t help but yearn for his kindhearted wife. He knows he frightens her… but maybe, if she saw the man he truly is, she might change her mind and become a wife not just in his home, but in his arms.

Jeb B

It’s now available for pre-order anywhere you buy your books! It will be hitting the physical shelves in bookstores, Walmarts and Targets September 2020!

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