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I live in northern Alberta, and this time of year is really interesting! First of all, our sunsets happen at 10 pm, and our sky never actually get all the way dark. We stay at twilight all night long.

11 pm

This is a picture of the western horizon at 11 pm, and that red smudge will stay there for a long while. I don’t actually know what happens between midnight and four or five when the sun starts to rise again, because I’m in bed then. 😉 But I don’t sleep very well this time of year.

I have an author friend who lives in Alaska who has an even longer day than we do. They have sunset at midnight and the sun comes back up at 3 or 4 am. Even farther north in Alaska, and it’s 2 hours between sunset and sunrise!

Living this far north is neat in that we get to experience such huge fluctuations in the length of the days. In winter solstice, it flips and we have incredibly late sunrises and very early sunsets. When I used to walk my son to school, we’d walk in darkness to school, and the sun would be just about setting when I walked him back home again.

So this is where I live! I do love it. It’s a beautiful part of the world to live in, and I thoroughly enjoy those prairie skies.


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Jeb knows his scars make him a less than ideal husband, but he can be a useful one. It’s the least that Leah deserves. But despite the promises he made to himself, Jeb can’t help longing for his lovely, warmhearted new wife. His first marriage brought heartbreak, but Leah’s gentle smiles spark hope again. Are they willing to take the leap that love requires—and open themselves to all the challenges and joy a true marriage could bring?