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I’m 41, so I think I’ve earned it!

I know that in the south, this is a common form of respect. And I love that! But here in the north (WAY north, like in Canada), this isn’t something we tend to practice. In fact, a lot of women hate being called “ma’am.” They feel like it makes them old. But I like it!


I’ve worked long and hard to get to this point in my life. I don’t want to be mistaken for a younger woman, either. I don’t want to be called “miss.” I’ve spent the last twenty years working my tail off to build the life that I dreamed of, to grow a career in writing against all the odds.

That’s twenty years of getting published, learning the trade, polishing my work, and getting better at writing books. That’s twenty years of owning the title author.

I’ve spent fifteen years married to the man of my dreams, working side by side with him to build the home and the marriage that we longed for.

I’ve spent the last twelve years raising our son, poring my heart and life blood into teaching him how to be kind, respectful, honest and hard working. That doesn’t come easily. I often say that when this child is a grown man, strong and successful, that I will deserve a medal that says I Raised a Good Man, and I will wear it everywhere, including the grocery store.

So don’t call me “miss” or try to pronounce my name. Just stick with “ma’am.” I’ve earned it, and it keeps the respect in a man’s voice. I’m a professional, a wife, and someone’s mother. I’m an author, and I’ve spent years working my tail off to earn the right to be referred to as “ma’am.” You won’t offend me. I’ll like you more for it. 😉


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