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I’m not a naturally bendy person. I never have been, and having a sedentary job doesn’t help. But I never did anything about it! I just sort of accepted that this was how my body was, and silently felt grateful that I was a grown woman now who didn’t have to do a PE class or anything if I didn’t want to.

But then an editor posted on Twitter about a stretching app she was using that was making her so much more flexible after a few weeks of using it, and I started to think… Being locked down, we were all finding ways to do things at home. Being an introvert, doing something new without an audience was ideal. The last thing I want to do is join a yoga class and try to twist myself into uncomfortable shapes with people watching.


So I gave it a try.

I don’t always go through a full set of exercises. Sometimes, I just do a few that I find helpful. I’m a lot more flexible these days, and I’m finding that I’m able to do things without thinking that I could never do before. Every day I do some of the exercises behind a locked door. There is nothing less comfortable than having someone walk in on you mid-stretch! 

So the pandemic has had some silver linings–like trying this new app.

My attitude these days is this: We can’t control the fact that there is a global pandemic, but we do have control over what we do with this time! I want to come out the other end of this alive, to start with, but I also want to grow.

Maybe I’ll be more flexible. Maybe I’ll be a better cook. I’ll certainly have written more books. The time will pass, and when things get back to normal again (hopefully sooner than later!) I want to have made the most of this strange, uncertain, tumultuous time.

And I hope to be a little more bendy. 😉


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