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For the most part, I don’t tend to blog about writing advice, because I think it has all been said before by people who have said it better than I would. However, every once in a while, there is a little piece of advice that I haven’t seen covered, and I feel qualified to add in my two cents.

This is one of those times. 🙂

And here it is: Don’t aim for perfect. Aim for very good.


In my friendships with other writers, the biggest thing that seems to hold us all back from sending in a manuscript is that fear that we can somehow make it better. Maybe we can tweak it! Maybe we can add in a whole new character! What if we changed the point of view? What if we turned it into a mystery? We can get paralyzed when we sense that the story isn’t perfect.

But here’s the secret: no story is! Even if you add in that character, change the point of view, or turn it into a mystery. It won’t be perfect even then… just different.

But many stories are very, very good.

Even GREAT stories get edited. An editor will look at the work, be very pleased with it, and then suggest a whole heap of edits. That’s how publishing works. It’s a joint effort between the author and the editor to polish that story up to a shine.

So when you’ve got an idea, don’t worry about whether it’s absolutely perfect. Aim for “very good.” You and and editor will take it from there.


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